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I HATE student loans and I HATE financial aid...not that I hate getting money for school, but I hate worrying about paying my debts.  I'm not in classes right now and I have a job at Kohl's, but it's not many hours and it's not making ends meet very well.  I have to pay 150 dollars a month on one loan and 120 dollars a month on another or my interest will continue to build!!!  Please, if anyone would commission me or become interested in my eBay account I would be infinitely grateful!!!  I won't put more things up on eBay unless someone shows an interest because I don't want to pay fees for posting items if they don't sell.  Can you find it in your heart and your wallet to send a little money my way?  I PROMISE I will do my very best work on anything you ask for in a commission!  I thank each and every person who would help me out!!!

I've created an account on eBay (Un: HyozanWolf21)
Things I might sell there:

DVDs and VHS: AVATAR, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion the Witch and the Watdrobe and Prince Caspian, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Where the Wild Things Are, Garfield-A Tale of Two Kitties, The Shaggy Dog, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, G-Force, Mr. Bean's Holiday, Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2, Swamp Tigers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Benji-Off the Leash, An Inconvenient Truth, Beauty and the Beast, Constantine, Night at the Museum- Battle of the Smithsonian, etc.

Videogames: Naruto-Uzumaki Chronicles 1 and 2 for PS2, ATLA for PS2 and Wii, Sim Animals for Wii, Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? for Wii, Game Party for Wii, Kingdom Hearts-Chain of Memories for GBA, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for DS, Beyblade- VForce for GBA, etc.

Books and Manga: True Ghosts-Haunting Tales from the Vaults of FATE Magazine Compiled by Andrew Honigman, Classic American Ghost Stories Edited by Debra L. Downer, Vampirates Book 4- Black Heart by Justin Somper Juvenile Orion Volumes 1-3, Wolf's Rain Manga Volumes 1 and 2, Samurai Deeper Kyo Volumes 1-6, Monochrome Factor Volume 1, The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok Volumes 1 and 2, Cafe Occult Volumes 1 and 2, etc.

Various Beanie Babies: Happy Birthday-April Bear, Goochy, Huggy, Quackers, Scoop, Pounce, Beani, Frigid, Stilts, Cheezer, Tracker, Derby, Spunky, Nibbly, Nibbler, Treats, GiGi, Mac, Sammy, Mel, KuKu, Hobsy, Almond, Curly, Spike, Fortune, Loosy, Waddle, Lucky O'Day, Marty and Skipper from Dreamworks: Madagascar, etc.

Toys: Assorted Mirco Machines, Papo horse figures, etc.

Commissions in the works: Midori, Akantha, and Hiro w/background-Prismacolor-9x12 canvas paper for :iconlugiainthesky:-50% completed


Available papers: Plain 8.5x11 white computer paper, 9x12 canvas paper, 9x12 Canson watercolor paper, 9x12 smooth Bristol Board, or 9x12 soft sketch paper
Medias: Graphite, colored pencils, Prismacolor markers, pastels, or acrylics
Prices: Sketches: 1 character, no background-$3 USD/ 2 characters, no background-$5 USD/ 3 characters, no background-$7 USD/ More than 3 characters, no background-$10+ USD
Lineart: 1 character, no background-$5 USD/ 2 characters, no background-$7 USD/ 3 characters, no background-$10 USD/ More than 3 characters, no background-$13+
Full color (with backgrounds): 1 character-$12 USD/ 2 characters-$15 USD/ 3 characters-$20 USD/ More than 3 characters-$25 USD+
Details: In your note you MUST specify: how many characters, DETAILED descriptions of the character/s, background (if there is one), media and paper preferred, mailing address, billing information, and best way to contact you.

Model Horse Customs
Prices: Adult horses-$20 USD Foals-$12 USD
Brand: Schleich Mares, Stallions, and foals
Possible modifications: Right now I can only do custom paint jobs because I don't have the money or experience to work with apoxy scuplt, and Schleich's cannot be repositioned like Breyers. I will experiment with both pastels and acrylics to determine which method works better for these types of models.
Details: In your note you MUST specify: Breed, gender, and color/markings and I will also need to know your mailing address, best way to contact you, and billing information.

Quantities of models I have in their original state:
[1] Black Mustang Stallion

[1] Appaloosa Stallion

[1] Chestnut Mare

[1] Clydesdale Mare

[2] Hanoverian Dressage Mare

[1] Lipizzaner Stallion

[1] Pinto Stallion

[2] Shire Foal

[1] Tinker Mare

[1] Andalusian Stallion

My sister:

Friends I know in RL:

Great online friends from dA, BoTW, etc:
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